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However, what you can do is place restrictions on their online time, instead of banning it altogether. Research indicates that people who spend more time online are more likely to be cyberbullied or more likely to take it seriously. If you encourage your kids to also maintain a healthy offline social life, they are less likely to be affected by online slights, as that will seem less real to them.

And, furthermore, being online gives individuals the opportunity to say and do things anonymously under a fake profile.

How do I monitor my kids' cell phone use without seeming intrusive?

Just as parents teach their children to behave in real life, they should also teach their kids how to behave online, i. Furthermore, parents should also keep in touch with the latest social media apps and crazes, so that they can teach their kids how to behave in these platforms. As such, parents should regularly talk to their children about things like stalking, catfishing, and other forms of cyberbullying. This will ensure that your kids feel safe about talking to you should something happen.

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This is extremely important. Positive or negative, they love it when people respond to their attacks. As such, if kids respond to these, the trolls will only get worse. Parents should teach their kids not to engage with any form of cyberbullying. The vulnerabilities of your child become higher if they have access to the digital world and parents are not aware of the dangers. There are following things that can really put your teens in real danger and they may get such bad habits that can ruin their life while using the smartphones connected to the virtual world.

Abusive language and racist sentences are the best weapons for bullies online to humiliate a child for the sake of fun. Once a teens or kid exchange its contact number then take a step further and want to meet them in real life for sexual motives and young immature teens often commit to meet them in real life. The sexual predators operate in groups and trap young teens most of the time; they are basically mentally frustrated people that always want to hunt teens to rape them alongside with their friends.

Over the years, a number of cases have been reported where teens raped and murdered by the unknown sexual predators. The use of smartphones all day long such as in the activities of text messages , incoming and outgoing calls , use of instant messaging apps and VOICE messages often put teens in cell phone and online media obsession. They always want to connect their smartphone devices to the internet in order to spend the whole day in cell phone activities.

This way teens health is compromised and they get ill and even more depress than ever. When children have access to the internet and to the social messaging apps, they often encounter with the adult content and they start searching for the nude content on the cell phone browser.

On the other hand young teens also very popular for self-obscenity by making their own nude videos and often embarrassed in case the video goes viral on the internet by someone close to them such as boyfriends. This kind of bad activity mostly turn teens obsessed with the artificial sexual behaviors that can really damage children mentally and they no-more convince to have the natural sexual relationship in their real —life.

Children those spend all day long on the smartphones and do activities such as texting , sexting , make calls, shared media on the instant messaging apps and do Voice calls often become obsessed with social media. Some parents may want to take the kids and teens consent while tracing their mobile phones and many of them want to spy on children phone secretly.

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If you want to do surveillance on kids and teens cell phone without them knowing then we are going to tell you few easy ways. Parents need to use different methods in order to keep an eye on kids and teens phone activities.

Best Parental Control Apps | Tom's Guide

The — Side : some features requires root like Whatsapp also iPhone is not supported though i dont have an iphone. The — Side : also some features needs rooting like whatsapp. Please understand that spying is a crime, even if it is your spouse.

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However, tracking your underage kids is legally allowed if you are the parent. You are totally right. In this case the apps listed here it is legal if you are the owner of the device. I think it is the right of a business owner to protect his company and other employees from someone who is trying to destroy a company.

Screen Time & Kid GPS Locator

That is quite a long list. But I was surprised that this list did not have Xnspy child monitoring app. I have personally used it myself for more than two years now for my growing tweens now teens. And I think it is the best app ever. It is a lot more affordable than most of the apps mentioned here. I would suggest any parent looking for an affordable solution for child monitoring should definitely give Xnspy a try.

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Olivia [ Reply ]. Austin Maloy [ Reply ]. Peggy Sue Lynn [ Reply ]. You can use any of the apps above , but all the apps needs physical access to the target device , in other words you need to install one of the apps on the spouse mobile usually it is fast around 5 mins Good Luck.