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Mobile network standby whatever that is has a field day with my battery. It's always the 1 killer. Of course, I checked all the obvious things like network signal strength, etc. All fine. Where is the wellbeing option. I'm on latest update don't see it? And before anyone says it, no, I don't want to sideload. I side-loaded it just to do a clean install of Pie!

I keep reading all these press releases about Nokia's successful Pie rollout and I think bullshit. My handset was bought Sim free from Amazon so surely I'm not at the mercy of any carrier. My Nokia 7 Plus thinks 8. The whole point of Android One is that I paid for monthly updates which I am not getting. Battery life is steadily improving, touching choose to hours SOT.

Smooth for most part. Small bugs which doesn't really bother me too much. Can you please list the apps that you use the most and the type of usage that you make with your phone? This is basically my average use. When I don't play on mobile I usually get up to The only time that I had to charge it after just a day was on my trip to USA last month. I was taking lots of photos, using GMaps, Twitter, Telegram, Duo for video-calls with my family, gaming while waiting for the tram, Reddit, Netflix and YouTube all in around 24hrs for a total of 4.

One day I didn't play and I reached the abysmal 6. It is just for comparison, to see if I am on track with battery life. I experienced an old bug that I had in Oreo where the phone reboots while charging and resets the battery chip I also did a soft reset after the October update and now it seems really stable, but it would be cool to see those bugs fixed and the camera improved as this phone deserves, I suspects that the GCam drains more battery than necessary for taking photos, since it's a port Latest version of gcam are pretty amazing.

Well worth sideloading. Proves that the hardware is capable. Im in the UK and I never even got the October patch. In all honesty the only bug that annoys me is the light sensor not working when you put your phone to your ear in a call so the screen doesnt turn off. I haven't really encountered much else. More precisely, the front is reinforced with Gorilla Glass 3 while the rear is not. The nicely silhouetted beveled edges not only look very classy but also make the device feel very nice to the touch. The two colors options include Blue and Steel.

Its footprint is similar to a regular 6-inch smartphone, albeit with a much shorter long side. Accordingly, it feels like a compact smartphone with maximum screen real estate. Best Displays , for University Students. Unfortunately, it is only connected via USB 2. The 3. For the Nokia 7.

Nokia 7 call phone tracker

It is a pure and clean Android system free of third-party bloatware that is going to be kept up to date by Google itself. HMD is marketing the Nokia 7. The Nokia 7. Thanks to LTE Cat. By and large, the bands and frequencies supported by the device are on a par with its competitors, and should suffice for the European market.

Other supported wireless communication standards include NFC, Bluetooth 5. Unfortunately, in our Wi-Fi test it only managed average transfer speeds of and Mbps receiving and transmitting data. Among its competitors, it can be found somewhere in the middle of the Wi-Fi benchmark chart.

Indoors, we were unable to obtain GPS lock due to lack of satellite connection. We also take each and every device out on a short biking trip around the block, and compare it to a professional Garmin Edge satnav. In this test, we found the Nokia 7.

Nokia 7 Plus - Unboxing, First Look and Impressions. Don't you think this phone gorgeous?

Sudden changes of direction are also recorded improperly while curves and bends were recorded perfectly fine. Call quality was immaculate and maximum volume was high enough even for noisy environments. Ambient noise is filtered to a certain degree, and the Nokia smartphone is very well-suited for telephony in most situations. The included headset worked great for making phone calls, albeit voices were slightly muffled. The dual-camera at the back features a 12 MP sensor with an f1. It loses a bit of detail overall, which can be best seen in finely granulated patterns, but in return manages to retain its ability to delimit areas with diverging color patterns.

The camera menu includes options for various AI gimmicks and beautification features as well as picture-in-picture and an auto-timer.

A professional mode allows for manual adjustment of ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and exposure. Overall, we would consider illumination to be pretty imbalanced, which was particularly detrimental to photos with a high dynamic range.

Mobile tracker software for nokia c7

Close-up colors were much more defined and differences in brightness had a lesser impact on image quality. Fine patterns and edges were sharp and the overall image quality was very decent. In poor lighting conditions the photos remained recognizable albeit visibly blurry and underexposed. In addition to the same options as for the front-facing shooter, the rear-facing camera menu also included a bokeh mode that can be used to further highlight the foreground by blurring the background.

Video quality was consistent with the photo quality by and large. However, poor lighting conditions resulted in a much higher level of picture graininess, and there was no option to set the video resolution. Instead, the camera menu included AI stickers that could be added to the video as well as an auto-timer. It also came with support for YouTube and Facebook live streaming, time lapse, and slow motion. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window.

The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We test every camera under normalized condition with the ColorChecker passport to determine the color accuracy. In the case of the Nokia 7. Dark grays turned out to be too bright while blacks turned out to be too dark. Our test chart turned out overexposed and thus too bright under these normalized conditions. While colors were too bright the camera managed to retain the patterns and fine details. Both lower corners were visibly pale.

Included in the Nokia 7. Additional accessories specifically tailored to the Nokia 7. While Europeans get a full 2 years of warranty US customers are once again deprived of that second year and limited to just 12 months. The well-known keyboard application is well-suited for longer texts. The touchscreen was very responsive and sensitive.

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The display was also very susceptible to fingerprints. The orientation sensor was a bit laggy, and rotating the screen contents took a short yet noticeable moment. A fingerprint reader is located at the back of the device.

Message Tracer For Nokia

It worked very reliably and unlocked the smartphone almost instantaneously. At nits, the display was the darkest of all devices in our test group. This frequency should be high enough to avoid eye strain and headaches even in more sensitive users. There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 43 - maximum: Hz was measured. When inspected in our lab, the display showed a decent contrast ratio of 1, at a slightly elevated black level of 0.

Overall, the Nokia 7. By using CalMAN for a more detailed color analysis, we discovered a very pronounced blue tint. Unfortunately, the operating system does not come with color profile presets nor does it allow for a manual adjustment of color balance or color temperature. Thanks to its high brightness, the Nokia 7. That said the display coating was highly reflective, which impacted readability noticeably. Indoors, we noticed distracting reflections from artificial light sources such as ceiling lights.

The viewing angles were as wide as expected of an IPS panel, and the display remained readable without distorting regardless of angle. As long as reflections do not impede visibility, the display can be read even from the most acute angles. Accordingly, it is outclassed by some of its competitors. That said, performance should be ample for everyday applications and casual gaming. In our tests, the Nokia 7. The 3D performance was even better, and every now and then the device outperformed the entire competition.

In our browser benchmarks the device once again performed well enough to secure its place in the top half. The web browser launched quickly and loaded web sites without noticeable lag. Media contents loaded within an acceptably short period of time and ran smoothly once loaded. The storage chips based on eMMC technology offered average performance that was slightly slower than its competitors. Unfortunately, microSD cards cannot be formatted as internal storage and are thus unavailable for storing applications.

Performance was average, yet decent when benchmarked with our Toshiba Exceria Pro M reference card. Keep in mind that the Nokia 7. Please also bear in mind that by installing a microSD card you will lose access to the secondary nanoSIM slot. Graphics are handled by an Adreno GPU, which performed sufficiently well to run games with average demands smoothly by and large. We were able to run both, " Arena of Valor" and " Asphalt 9: Legends" very well on high details. The touchscreen was very precise and responsive, and so was the orientation sensor. The smartphone felt warm to the touch, but never uncomfortably so.

Nokia Tracker App

Thus, we do not expect any thermal throttling to occur during normal everyday use. Bass is massively under represented, and the result is a rather feebly sounding soundscape. However, the speaker is good enough for occasional media consumption. The included stereo headset did a much better job, but was too bass-heavy in return, which made it hard to understand voices clearly.

Headsets and external speakers can be connected via the 3. It was very tight and had no negative impact on sound quality. A minimum of just 1. However, it was still slightly more power hungry than the average of its class.